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    Tourist Places and Sites to Visit in Jerusalem During Christmas

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    We want to wish you a very happy Christmas before we start the first part of our blog. Christmas brings the joy, happiness, and food we wait every year for; just kidding! It’s not just a festival but a feeling that we wait a lot for… Living in this era wants compensation; hmm, we all work and spend, agree? You might say yes because society is moving forward, and it has become a new normal for everyone to be a part of that. Okay, wait, let’s talk about places to visit in Jerusalem during Christmas

    Jerusalem During Christmas
    Jerusalem During Christmas -Travelohlic

    Best places to visit in Jerusalem during Christmas

    Notre Dame de Jerusalem

    Notre Dame de Jerusalem Jerusalem christmas
    Photo by Mauricio Artieda

    The Notre Dame de Jerusalem complex is located north of the Old City, not far from the wall. The French built the complex at the end of the 19th century, hiding a fortress-like structure inside, which now houses a hotel. Whoever enters the hotel and goes up to the roof terrace will enjoy a breathtaking view of the Old City and the north of Jerusalem spread out as if on the palm. You can go up to the observation during the day or in the evening and enjoy the wonderful view.

    Jaffa Street

    Jaffa Street Jerusalem during christmas
    Photo by RODNAE Productions

    Jaffa Street begins at the Jaffa Gate, at the entry to the old city, and ends at the String Bridge, at the entry to modern Jerusalem. The tour route along Jaffa Street runs from the beginning to the end and takes us on a fascinating journey through the city’s history. You’ll see how the street turned from a central dirt road that passed through a desolate area into the main street of the city of Jerusalem in the Ha-Kiddah. On your way, you’ll pass between impressive buildings with decorated entrances, be impressed by their beauty, listen to their stories, and even enter some of them. You’ll enjoy the European atmosphere in the central part of the street and blend into the nostalgic atmosphere that emerges from the old businesses scattered along it. Then, you will pass between quiet courtyards and public squares and ascend to spectacular views overlooking the street and all of Jerusalem. In the last part, you can ride the light rail, which runs almost the entire length of the street, returning it to its glory days as the main transportation artery of Jerusalem.

    Zion Square

    Zion Square Jerusalem
    Photo by Carlos galeana

    Zion Square is one of the most central places in Jerusalem. Many cross the square lengthwise and widthwise without knowing the fascinating stories that have taken place there over the years and without knowing about the special places scattered around and within it. During your visit, you will enter a hostel whose balconies were used for historical demonstrations, go up to views from rooftops and high places, and look for an interesting work of art hidden on the floor of the square.

    Gaia Ben-Hinnom

    Gaia Ben-Hinnom Christmas
    Photo by Pixabay

    The stream channel that passes at the foot of the old city wall is called Gaia Ben-Hinnom. For thousands of years, the deep stream served as the western border of Jerusalem, located on the hills inside the old city. Today, when Jerusalem is much bigger and wider, part of the channel has become a beautiful green park overlooking the old city’s walls, which are carried opposite. The park, named after Teddy Kolek, the mythical mayor of Jerusalem, is full of wide lawns, with a large square of water fountains in the center. It is a pleasure to sit around the park, this is the best city to visit Jerusalem during Christmas, and you can also learn about the character of Teddy Kolek, and enjoy a spectacular fountain show held during the day and in the evening.

    Guy Ben-Hinnom

    Valley of Hinnom (Gehenna) - Travelohlic

    Guy Ben-Hinnom: It is a deep river channel that passes west of the old city. The ravine marked the border between the estates of the Judah and Benjamin tribes, and from the time of King David, it also became the western border of Jerusalem. Because of this, the stream became an important center of events outside the city. The water that flowed through it in the winter filled large pools and reservoirs, and the city’s residents and rulers used these. In the open fields, the residents of Jerusalem buried their dead. In them, they also offered sacrifices and practiced idolatry, away from the eyes of the government and the Temple. Over the years, the stream changed its character, and it became the main entrance to the city of Jerusalem. As a result, new neighborhoods were built, hotels and hospitality flourished there, and prestigious commercial buildings were established along it. During the visit, you can walk through beautiful parks and gardens, visit artists’ workshops, walk on the tastefully designed Alrov-Mamilla Boulevard, and observe the river and its surroundings. Throughout the tour, you can try to decipher the secret of the magic of Guy Ben-Hinnom, one of the special areas in Jerusalem.

    Yamin Moshe

    Yamin Moshe Christmas Jerusalem
    Photo by istockphoto

    The Yamin Moshe neighborhood is one of Jerusalem’s most interesting, beautiful, and romantic places. The neighborhood, which suffered for many years from the shooting of Jordanian snipers who sat on the old city wall, turned from a border neighborhood into a well-kept luxury neighborhood where mainly families with means live. Listen to the story of Yamin Moshe on your tour, look out over the old city wall, sit down to rest in pleasant gardens, and enjoy the pastoral peace that lines its alleys, day and night.

    Lion Fountain and Bloomfield Garden

    Lion Fountain and Bloomfield Garden Jesus Birth Place
    Photo by Pixabay

    Countless statues of lions are scattered throughout Jerusalem, the quintessential symbol of Jerusalem. However, one of the most famous and beautiful sculptures is a fountain, where lions and lionesses live in peace with small mouse sculptures, pigeons, and crows that come to drink from the water. On your tour, you can learn the idea behind the fountain’s construction, take a picture with the lions, and enjoy a pleasant walk along the quiet paths of the Bloomfield Garden, overlooking the old city wall.

    The King David Hotel | A visit to the most luxurious hotel in Israel

    The King David Hotel -Jerusalem Christmas
    Photo by Mikhail Nilov

    The King David Hotel is one of the top luxurious hotels in Israel, where many official guests of the State of Israel stay during their visit to Jerusalem. The magnificent hotel contains a rich history and fascinating stories. You can enjoy walking the corridors, stepping on the signatures of world leaders who have stayed at the hotel, admiring old photos and the splendor, and telling some interesting stories.

    YMCA complex | Jerusalem during Christmas

    The YMCA Complex Jerusalem Christmas

    The initials YMCA are familiar to everyone, from the well-known song of the band “The People of the Village,” but not many know their meaning. On your tour to the central complex of the YMCA organization in Jerusalem, you will get to know the organization’s history and unique worldview and discover the place’s beauty, which is all a fascinating architectural sermon. Every detail of the building has meaning; on your tour, you can trace some symbols scattered around the place. Finally, in an intimate prayer chapel, you will ascend to a wonderful view from the spire of the bell tower and discover a hidden rustic garden behind the complex.

    The YMCA tower

    The YMCA tower Jerusalem Christmas
    Photo by Walter Leininger

    The YMCA Tower: Ten poles of beauty came down to the world, nine took Jerusalem, and one took all the world; it is written in the Babylonian Talmud. Indeed, when you look at Jerusalem from above, you can notice its magical and special beauty. On this trip, you can visit one of the most wonderful views in Jerusalem – the view from the bell tower of the YMCA. The tower, which rises in the city’s heart, overlooks its old and new parts, creating a complex and spectacular image of Jerusalem.

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