Captivating 7s

This webstory explores the captivating qualities that make seven such a special and significant digit.

1. Prime Perfection

The number 7 is a prime number and a Mersenne prime.

2. Prefix Prowess

The prefixes "sept" and "hept" both mean "seven".

3. Sinful Significance

There are seven Deadly Sins in Christian teachings.

4. Continent Conundrum

There are seven continents, depending on where you're from.

5. Lightning Legend

A US park ranger was struck by lightning seven times and survived.

6. Melodic Mania

Musicians have a fascination with the number seven.

7. Feline Folklore

In some parts of the world, cats have seven lives, not nine.

8. Memorable Mastery

The average person can accurately remember a series of seven digits.

9. Radiant Rainbow

A rainbow contains seven clearly defined colors.

10. Supernatural Seventh

The seventh son of a seventh son holds special powers in folklore.

Captivating 7s

From prime numbers to musical obsessions, the number seven is truly superb.