Let's Uncover the Jurassic Secrets: 5 Mind-Blowing Dinosaur Facts. From their surprising evolutionary origins to their remarkable regenerative abilities.

Dinosaurs Evolved from Reptile House Cats

Dinosaurs didn't start out as towering behemoths - they evolved from small, agile reptiles the size of house cats.

Dinosaurs Gave Rise to Modern Birds

Many dinosaurs, including the fearsome T-Rex, were actually covered in feathers, making them the evolutionary ancestors of today's birds.

Dinosaur Bones Reveal Surprising Secrets

Paleontologists can determine a dinosaur's diet and behavior just by carefully examining its fossilized bones and teeth.

Some Dinosaurs Could Replace Their Teeth Every 2 Weeks

The Nigersaurus had an incredible ability to rapidly replace its teeth, shedding and regrowing them as often as every 2 weeks.

New Species Are Still Being Unearthed

Even in the modern era, paleontologists continue to uncover new and previously unknown species of dinosaurs from around the world.

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