Plan your holiday exploring lesser known gems nestled in the beautiful Dhauladhar mountain range in the mild winters.

1. Yamuna River Trek

Start your day with a scenic riverside trek offering views of verdant valleys. Trail along the banks of the Yamuna River, carving through sylvan surroundings near Jogindernagar.

2. Tirthan Valley Stay

Tucked away in pristine Kullu valley lies the offbeat Tirthan village. Experience rustic village life in a heritage homestay surrounded by apple and walnut orchards.

3. Dharamshala Film Festival

During winters, Dharamshala hosts an indie film festival showcasing art house cinema. Catch screenings at scenic open-air venues with bonfires keeping you warm. 

4. Palampur Tea Trail

Stroll through manicured tea gardens dotted with soft foliage along the hills. Learn the art of tea picking straight from the growers.

5. Chamba Arts & Crafts

Admire exquisite Pahari miniature paintings, wood carvings, and shawls unique to Chamba. Craft artists showcase their skills at village workshops.

These unique experiences near Dharamshala make December the best time for a soulful mountain escape.