Crocs Uncovered

Discover 5 fascinating facts behind the rise and popularity of the iconic chunky Crocs footwear.

1. Crocodile Inspired

Crocs were named after crocodiles due to their ability to thrive on both land and water, just like the reptile.

2. Instant Sellout

When first released in 2002, only 200 pairs of Crocs were available and they sold out immediately.

3. Fashionable Frenzy

Crocs have graced the runway at Paris Fashion Week, collaborating with luxury brand Balenciaga.

4. Celeb Sensation

A-list stars like Madonna have been spotted rocking the casual and comfortable Crocs style.

5. Customizable Charm

Jibbitz charms allow Crocs wearers to personalize their shoes with popular character designs.

Crocs Craze

From their unique design to their global popularity, these chunky facts showcase Crocs' rise to iconic footwear status.