Winter is here and what better way to enjoy the cool breeze than witnessing nature's artwork-fresh snowfall?

McLoedganj - Queen of Hills

Nestled in Dhauladhar ranges, McLoedganj is simply gorgeous under a white canvas. Wander along the hilly trails as flakes gently fall or sip on maggie by the bonfire.

Dalhousie - British Era Charm

With its colonial architecture and plethora of activities, Dalhousie casts a spell. Don't miss the Khajjiar meadows turning into an icy wonderland.

Chamba - Heritage and Snow

Steeped in history, the valleys around Chamba look straight out of a postcard after a fresh snow. Explore the medieval temples and let the surroundings whisk you away.

Dharamshala - Base for Adventures

The abode of His Holiness the Dalai Lama, Dharamshala is the place to sign up for paragliding, trekking once the slopes are covered.

Palampur - Tea and More

Cafes serving hot cups of tea and homemade snacks amid tall deodar trees dusted with snow is an experience in itself.

Kasauli - The Quintessential Town

With its quaint pathways and colonial cottages, Kasauli is worthy of a long walk enjoying snow-capped vistas.

Narkanda - Fresh Air and Views

A perfect retreat for a rejuvenating weekend. Narkanda lets you take in majestic peaks from open meadows under a warm shawl with a hot water bottle.

Hope this short trip through some beautiful destinations near Chandigarh helps plan the perfect snowy getaway. Do share your experiences with me.