Purr-fect Feline Facts

Discover 7 must-know facts about cats, from their superhero senses and curious companion behavior to their fascinating feline history. 

1. Superhero Senses

Cats have extraordinary night vision and can hear ultrasonic noises, making them exceptional hunters.

2. Curious Companions

Cats can be trained, but often think it's beneath them. They also rub against you to transfer their scent.

3. Fascinating Felines

The first cat in space was Félicette, and some cats have up to 8 toes per paw due to polydactyly.

4. Ancient Adoration

In ancient Egypt, cats were worshipped as the goddess Bast, and harming them was punishable by death.

5. Sleeping Superstars

Cats sleep around 15 hours per day, with kittens sleeping up to 22 hours. Their hearts beat twice as fast as humans.

6. Nutritional Needs

Cats can't taste sweetness, and feeding them too much tuna can lead to addiction, as it lacks essential nutrients.

Awesome Cats

From their remarkable senses to their rich history, these facts showcase the fascinating feline world.