Lets take a deep dive into Han Son Doong cave also called as the “Cave of a mountain river.” We will explore 5 incredible facts in this visual showcase.

Small depressions in the limestone are filled with cave pearls. This rare type of pearl grows on its own in puddles of limewater.

The greenery in this cave manages to penetrate even where there is clearly not enough light. Following the plants, not only insects and snakes, but even monkeys and birds descend into the cave.

Under the rays of spotlights, the rock itself begins to glow. The downpours on the surface overflowed the water basins, and the water rushed down.  

When the water breaks into the cave, it roars as if it were a railroad train. Scientists working in caves are constantly at risk of drowning in unpredictable underground flows.

Giant stalagmites in the rays of light look like stone cacti. Speleologists called this place the Cactus Garden.

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