Get ready to dive into the world of the biggest underwater vessels ever constructed for combating waters and winning wars.

Typhoon Class Russia

The typhoon class submarines built by Soviet Russia to counter US in size and weapons during heightened tensions, with multiple compartments including dining areas.

Borei-Class Russia

Borei class succeeded the older subs and is the latest Russian nuclear submarine with upgraded stealth & armament to strengthen naval might.

Ohio-Class, United States

As Ohio-class retire, they leave behind a legacy as United States' largest sub-fleet ever, each capable of unleashing dozens of nuclear warheads across oceans.

Delta Class, Russia

Project 667B & 941 were Soviet Union's reliable deterrents, discretely carrying hundreds of nuclear missiles below Arctic ice with remarkable endurance.

Oscar Class Russia

A new dimension to attack missions, 949 Granit subs fitted missiles & a rescue chamber in addition to heavy torpedoes and better stealth than predecessors.

Vanguard Class, UK

As future Dreadnought arrives, 4 Vanguard subs currently shield islands with Trident missiles, equipped with ultramodern sensors and weaponry.

Yasen/Graney Class, Russia

Yasen/Graney class introduce redesigned stealth and modularity along with upgraded missile payloads compared to older Alfa & Akula varieties.

Triomphant Class, France

Since 1997, 4 Triomphant class act as part of deterrence by silently patrolling oceans with advanced M51 missiles and deep diving abilities.

Sierra Class, Russia

Sierra and Akula classes showed how titanium hulls enabled higher speeds in submarine combat, excelling in rapid reaction and torpedo assault missions.