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    35 Best Things to Do in Cozumel With A Toddler

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    Cozumel With A Toddler: As a parent, traveling with a toddler can seem daunting. You want them to have fun and make lasting memories, but you also need to keep them safe, healthy, and moderately entertained.

    The good news is that Cozumel is an excellent destination for families with little ones! This island paradise off Mexico’s Yucatán Peninsula offers plenty of toddler-friendly activities, beautiful beaches, and manageable logistics.

    To help you plan an amazing vacation, I’ve put together this list of the 35 best things to do in Cozumel with a toddler. From swimming with dolphins to Mayan ruins explorations, there’s something for every type of family. Let’s dive in!

    Take a Glass Bottom Boat Tour in Cozumel

    A glass bottom boat tour is a gentle yet exciting way to explore Cozumel’s stunning marine life with a toddler. Cruise along the surface of the crystal clear waters in an air-conditioned boat and peer through the transparent floor at the colorful fish and coral below.

    Glass Bottom Boat Tour Cozumel

    Most tours make stops for snorkeling and beach time. Spacious boats with ample seating and washrooms cater well to little passengers. It’s an easy way to discover the ocean without any stress.

    Some recommended operators are Pepe’s Glass Bottom Boat Tours and Cozumel Glass Bottom Boat Tours. They have large, stable vessels perfect for toddlers and offer kid discounts.

    Swim with Dolphins | Cozumel With A Toddler

    An incredible bucket list experience for the whole family! Swimming and interacting with dolphins is sure to bring smiles and laughter.

    Several venues in Cozumel like Dolphin Discovery and Dolphinaris offer toddler-friendly dolphin encounters. Shallow pools, small groups, and patient trainers make it safe for even 2-3 year olds.

    Dolphin Discovery Cozumel

    Kids get to touch, feed, dance, and swim right alongside the intelligent marine mammals under supervision. Photographers capture the special moments. It’s an unforgettable adventure!

    Explore Mayan Ruins | Cozumel Mexico

    Immerse toddlers in ancient Mayan history at San Gervasio, the island’s best preserved archaeological site. Wander the jungle trails to discover the ruins of temples, palaces, and plazas dating back to 300-600 AD.

    Mayan history at San Gervasio Cozumel

    With its compact layout and stepping stone pathways, San Gervasio is great for little legs. Younger kids can run around in grassy areas or recharge in shady spots. Interactive guided tours really bring the site to life for kids.

    There’s also a small Mayan museum on site filled with artifacts and informational displays. Getting to explore like Indiana Jones makes for an educational yet engaging toddler activity!

    Visit a Beach Club in Awesome Cozumel Weather

    Beach clubs offer low-key family fun with toddler-friendly amenities. Spend a relaxing day by the ocean without having to wrangle supplies and equipment.

    Money Bar Beach Club Cozumel with a toddler

    Venues like Money Bar Beach Club and Paradise Beach Cozumel have kids’ pools, playgrounds, smooth sandy beaches with gentle waves perfect for swimming, kiddie menus, beach toys, and lounge chairs for parents.

    Some beach clubs also have live entertainment and activities like trampolines. With a beach club, everything is taken care of for a hassle-free beach day with a little one!

    Play in a Waterpark in Weather of Cozumel

    At Cozumel’s waterparks, toddlers can safely splash, slide, and play to their heart’s content! Parque Punta Langosta and Parque Chankanaab are both great options with areas tailored to small children.

    Kiddie pools have zero depth entries and mini water slides. Fountains, splash pads, and falling buckets of water provide endless amusement. Parents can watch comfortably from shaded lounge chairs.

    Between swimming, mini water rides, and sandy play zones, an afternoon at a waterpark makes for an awesome family outing. Some parks even have wildlife shows and botanical gardens for variety.

    Snorkel Together | Cozumel With A Toddler

    Snorkeling is an easy, engaging way to discover the wonders of the sea together as a family. Several protected, shallow reefs around Cozumel like Chankanaab National Park and Paraíso Reef are perfect for toddler snorkeling.

    Use floats, lifejackets, and pool noodles to help little ones stay buoyant. Let them observe fish and marine life at their own pace, keeping a watchful eye. The vibrant colors and movements will fascinate them.

    Many tour operators like Cozumel Tours by Johann & Sandra also offer toddler-centric snorkeling excursions. Guides assist you in the water and provide floatation devices. Seeing Nemo up close will surely be a dream come true!

    Ride Around in a Rental Car

    Renting a car is an excellent way to easily get around the island on your own schedule. Exploration-loving toddlers will enjoy cruising around to different beaches, attractions, and restaurants.

    Car seats are legally required for kids under 5 in Mexico. Many rental agencies like Avis and Hertz provide them upon request.

    Driving in Cozumel is relatively calm. With a toddler, stick to daylight hours and plan routes in advance. Let them take in gorgeous island vistas from their comfy car seat!

    Take a Submarine Ride | Cozumel With A Toddler

    For little ones intrigued by the ocean’s mysteries, a ride in a real submarine is an unforgettable experience! Atlantis Submarine’s 40-passenger vessels safely submerge up to 150 feet with huge viewing windows.

    Atlantis Submarine Cozumel with a toddler

    The 45-minute tours glide over spectacular reefs swarming with tropical fish. Toddlers can watch the underwater spectacle unfold with colorful commentary from guides. Any awe and excitement will make the trip worthwhile!

    With an air-conditioned cabin, seating, and restroom, submarines cater well to young kids. Just make sure to bring Along motion sickness remedies just in case. It’s a cool way to become a toddler submariner!

    Visit a Mayan Cacao Farm

    The Mayans considered cacao sacred and used the cacao trees’ beans to make chocolate. At a living cacao farm like Villa Dulce Chocolate, toddlers in Cozumel can learn about the ancient process from planting to chocolate production.

    Mayan Cacao Farm Cozumel with a toddler

    Interactive tours allow kids to harvest cacao pods, grind beans on stone, and finally taste the finished product! The process of “from tree to treat” helps them understand where chocolate comes from.

    In the butterfly garden, apiary, and lush grounds, little ones will have space to run around afterwards. It’s a fascinating cultural and sensory experience for toddler chocolate lovers!

    Play on the Beach | Cozumel With A Toddler

    When in Cozumel with a toddler, spend plenty of time letting your toddler enjoy the island’s beautiful soft sand beaches. The calm, shallow waters are perfect for first-time ocean splashing.

    Grab a beach umbrella and toys like buckets, shovels, molds, and watering cans. Toddlers will happily play for hours building sandcastles decorated with shells, digging holes, and carrying “treasures” in their pails.

    Pack snacks, drinks, sunscreen, towels, a beach tent, swim diapers – anything to make beach time fun and comfortable for your little one. With supervision, beaches are awesome for free play and exploring!

    Take a Jungle River Boat Tour with Toddlers

    A jungle river boat tour lets toddlers adventure through tropical mangroves and lagoons Captain Ron-style! South Cozumel cruises like Victor’s Tours have specially designed boats with clear lower decks so kids can see below.

    Jungle River Boat Tour Cozumel with a toddler

    Gliding along, little nature lovers will spot birds like roseate spoonbills, iguanas chilling on branches, baby crocodiles, and more! The slow rides are smoothly narrated and specifically tailored to kids.

    Tours stop at rope swings and natural swimming holes for some splash time. Toddlers can let their imaginations roam free in the untamed jungles of Cozumel.

    Visit a Butterfly Sanctuary

    Butterflies are utterly captivating to toddlers, and Cozumel’s butterfly sanctuaries allow them to see hundreds of the colorful creatures up close in a natural habitat.

    At sites like Cozumel Butterfly Sanctuary, enclosed pathways wind through the lush vegetation that butterflies live in. Toddlers will be amazed seeing monarchs, long-winged heliconias, and other species effortlessly flutter by in all directions.

    Some sanctuaries offer kid-friendly butterfly releases. Crouching down in the middle of so many fluttering wings is a truly magical experience for toddlers that cultivates wonder.

    Eat at Family-Friendly Restaurants

    Finding places to eat in Cozumel with a toddler can be tough, but Cozumel has lots of restaurants that happily cater to families. Choose spots with kids’ menus, high chairs, and outdoor seating.

    For quick eats and familiar favorites, hotels along the waterfront have nice casual restaurants like Pancho’s Backyard. Or grab tacos, quesadillas, and burritos at beachfront joints like Guayabitos.

    For sit-down meals, opt for spots like La Choza, Kinta, or Jeanie’s that serve up classic Mexican and American fare in a colorful, kid-centric setting. The priority is keeping your toddler fueled and content!

    Go Horseback Riding | Cozumel With A Toddler

    Introduce toddlers to horses with a gentle ride along Cozumel’s coast. Rancho Palmitas has a perfect horse for little cowboys and cowgirls – Pequeño! This tiny pony gives toddlers an ideal first equine experience.

    Horseback Riding cozumel

    Horseback rides for kids 2 and older are led with Pequeño along the shoreline at a comfortable walking pace. Toddlers can feed and pet their new four-legged friend while parents can relax knowing the ponies are extremely docile.

    Attend a Festival like Day Of The Dead

    Partaking in a local festival allows toddlers to experience Mexican culture through sights, sounds, scents, and colors. Cozumel has many kid-friendly celebrations.

    Day of the dead Cozumel festivals

    Carnaval in February has parades with whimsically costumed dancers, music, floats, and fun street food. Day of the Dead in November offers face painting, candles, sweet treats, and parades. Attending festivals creates priceless toddler memories!

    Take a Cooking Class | Cozumel With A Toddler

    In an interactive cooking class like Nachi Cocom, toddlers can have a blast making and sampling authentic Mexican fare! Specially designed kids’ classes keep little chefs engaged by teaching simple dishes with hands-on participation.

    Kids can make their own quesadillas and tacos filled with ingredients like cheese, chicken, and veggies. Toddlers can practice spreading, scooping, and sprinkling in a supportive environment. They’ll beam with pride tasting their handiwork afterwards!

    Visit a Sea Turtle Farm in Cozumel

    Sea turtles have an eternal toddler appeal! At Preserve Turtle Cozumel, adorable little hatchlings are raised until ready for release into the wild. Tour the tanks, cafeteria, and nurseries to see the turtles at all stages of growth.

    Sea Turtle Farm in Cozumel

    Some key points toddlers learn – baby turtles eat fish eggs, big turtles munch on squid and crabs, and their shells grow with them! Sea turtles are endangered so facilities like this help protect them. It’s a darling dollop of education.

    Ride the Cozumel Scenic Tour Train

    All aboard! The Cozumel Scenic Tour Train offers an enjoyable tour of the island from the comfort of an open-air, miniature train. Toddlers get to ride along like little conductors and take in sights like beaches, lagoons, parks, and wildlife.

    With multiple stops, you can let toddlers out to explore attractions at their own pace. The train rides are entertaining both ways – either as transportation or a stand-alone activity!

    Take a Day Trip to Playa del Carmen

    Just a quick 45-minute ferry from Cozumel, Playa del Carmen makes for an exciting day trip with a toddler. Explore 5th Avenue’s shops and eateries, walk the beach, and enjoy a new locale!

    Kids love the interactive Mayan exhibit at Xcaret Park showcasing replicas of ancient villages and pyramids. And at Xel-Ha, little adventurers can swim through inlets, ride mini zip-lines, and more – perfect for ages 2-12.

    Day trips to Playa add nice variety to a Cozumel vacation. The easy ferry access makes getting there stress-free.

    Relax at a Beach Club | Cozumel With A Toddler

    Beach clubs offer low-key family fun with toddler-friendly amenities. Spend a relaxing day by the ocean without having to wrangle supplies and equipment.

    Venues like Money Bar Beach Club and Paradise Beach have kids’ pools, playgrounds, smooth sandy beaches with gentle waves perfect for swimming, kiddie menus, beach toys, and lounge chairs for parents.

    Some beach clubs also have live entertainment and activities like trampolines. With a beach club, everything is taken care of for a hassle-free beach day with a little one!

    Swim in Natural Pools and Cenotes

    Inland from Cozumel’s coast, cenotes offer another beautiful swimming option. Cenotes are freshwater pools in cavernous limestone sinkholes filled by underground rivers.

    Toddlers can safely splash in the shallow pools overlooking jungle vegetation at family-friendly cenotes like Cenote Azul and Casa Cenote. Clear water and minimal waves create a calm atmosphere for water fun.

    Given the natural setting, apply lots of sunscreen and bug spray. Afterwards, rinse off in the cenote showers. It’s swimming cave-explorer style!

    Fly a Kite | Cozumel With A Toddler

    Let toddlers run wild on the beach with a simple yet fun classic activity – kite flying! Strong ocean breezes make conditions perfect for kite flying on Cozumel.

    Choose easy-to-assemble kites that are simple enough for toddlers to handle but sturdy enough to stay airborne. Set up low down towards the water’s edge to catch steady winds.

    Kite flying helps toddlers burn energy, teaches them about air and wind, and provides excitement watching their kite soar high above the water. Take time out for this nostalgic pastime.

    Explore a Pirate Ship in Cozumel

    Spark toddlers’ imaginations with a pirate adventure aboard an interactive replica Spanish galleon! The 40-foot Columba Pirate Ship Cruise lets kids dress up as swashbucklers and listen to narrated tales of the high seas.

    Pirate Ship in Cozumel

    Little ones can steer the ship and fire the cannons. As you sail along Cozumel’s south coast, kids will delight in their pirate antics. There’s face painting, water gun battles and bubble fun for full immersion!

    Playing pretend piracy helps toddlers stretch their creativity. They’ll disembark with big smiles, feeling like real buccaneers.

    Attend a Kids’ Party | Cozumel With A Toddler

    Most resorts and vacation rental properties in Cozumel offer kids’ parties with activities, entertainment, crafts, games, and more, focused on specific themes. Pop in for some organized toddler fun!

    The parties provide a great opportunity for your little one to meet other kids. Depending on the theme like pirates, mermaids, or a luau, they’ll enjoy an array of playfully creative, hands-on activities.

    Kids can let loose while parents relax poolside. Afterwards, you can head back and rest up together.

    Get Active with Water Sports

    Try out beginner-level water sports together for some toddler bonding time while staying active. Introduce surfing on boogie boards, paddle around in kayaks, or glide above the surface on water trikes.

    Lessons and rentals are available across the island for all sorts of water gear, often at beach clubs. Let your toddler dip their toes into a fun sport while wearing proper safety equipment like helmets and life jackets.

    Starting a healthy pastime at a young age plants the seed for an active lifestyle. Splashing around trying water sports will tire out little ones for sound napping after.

    Play Mini Golf | Cozumel With A Toddler

    A round of mini golf is perfect for amusing young kids in Cozumel. It’s leisurely enough to keep toddler attention yet active enough to engage their boundless energy.

    Colorful courses like Mayan Car Wash Mini Golf and Mayan Jungle Adventure Golf have obstacles like loops, slopes, and barricades to challenge budding golfers. Kids can freely run about and take as much time as they need on each hole.

    End with celebratory snacks and cold drinks to refresh the whole family. Mini golf is toddler entertainment at its finest!

    Make Sandcastles | Cozumel With A Toddler

    When in Cozumel, spend plenty of time letting your toddler enjoy the island’s beautiful soft sand beaches. The calm, shallow waters are perfect for first-time ocean splashing.

    Grab a beach umbrella and toys like buckets, shovels, molds, and watering cans. Toddlers will happily play for hours building crafts with sand.

    Watch a Folkloric Dance Show in Cozumel

    Toddlers love movement, music, and costumes – elements that Mexico’s bright and lively folkloric dance shows have in abundance. Most restaurants offer complimentary shows with traditional routines families will enjoy.

    At eateries like Pancho’s Backyard and Hard Rock Cafe, little ones are mesmerized seeing twirling dancers in colorful skirts and dresses. They’ll pick up on cultural dances like salsa and mariachi as they clap along to festive songs.

    The visual spectacle captivates toddlers, exposing them to Mexican heritage through performance arts. They may even try mimicking some smooth moves themselves!

    Go Deep Sea Fishing | Cozumel With A Toddler

    For older toddlers, 6 hours or more of deep sea fishing may be too much, but many outfits in Cozumel like Wild Tours Mexico offer special kid-friendly excursions of just 2-3 hours.

    Little ones can have a blast reeling in snapper, grouper, kingfish and maybe even sport fish like mahi mahi. Booth seating and proper equipment sized for kids keeps them safe and comfortable.

    They’ll love seeing the island from offshore and being captain for a day! You can grill up the catch back on land for a family fish fry.

    Explore Shipwrecks on a Glass-Bottom Boat

    Cozumel’s calm waters host several shipwrecks dating back centuries, viewable from glass-bottom boats. Atlantis Submarines offers these tours, including one tailored specifically to families with narration simplified for kids.

    Gliding over sunken vessels, kids learn about Spanish galleons while spotting marine life scattered among the ruins. Guides make the history come alive in a way that’s engaging for young minds. Toddlers can imagine being underwater explorers!

    Let Little Artists Go Wild

    Doing art projects allows toddlers to experiment creatively and make a wonderful Cozumel souvenir. At spots like Buho’s (The Owl) paint-your-own-pottery studio, kids can decorate mugs, piggy banks, figurines and more with their own designs.

    Or gather pebbles, shells, leaves and other found items from the beach for DIY sensory crafts back at your hotel. Use glue and glitter to turn natural finds into masterpieces worthy of any fridge door!

    Conclusion | Cozumel With A Toddler

    A vacation in Cozumel with a toddler in tow may seem daunting, but this gorgeous Caribbean island has endless activities tailored for families with little ones. Marine encounters like swimming with dolphins and glass bottom boat rides showcase the area’s natural beauty up close in a gentle, toddler-approved way.

    On shore, playgrounds and kid’s programs at beach clubs, waterparks and cenotes offer safe splash zones for water babies. Slower-paced pursuits like mini golf, cooking classes and sandcastle building allow toddlers to play, create and explore the island at their own speed. From Mayan heritage sites to pirate adventures, Cozumel brings history and make-believe to life for young imaginations. With an array of toddler-friendly eateries and resort amenities, parents’ needs are covered too. With some planning, you can enjoy a relaxing vacation that provides lifelong memories for your tiny travel companion.

    FAQs On Visiting Cozumel With A Toddler

    Is Cozumel safe for children?

    Yes, Cozumel is very safe for children of all ages. The island has low crime rates and family-friendly attractions. With proper precautions like staying hydrated and using sunscreen, kids can safely enjoy all the activities Cozumel has to offer.

    Can kids go to Mr Sanchos?

    Yes, Mr. Sanchos beach club is extremely popular with families. They have a large shallow pool perfect for toddlers, playgrounds, calm designated swimming areas, and day care. Kids are welcome at the restaurant and beach areas.

    Which side of Cozumel is better?

    The west side of Cozumel is generally considered better for families and tourists. It has most of the resorts, restaurants, attractions and calmer beaches. The east side is largely undeveloped and has rougher surf.

    How long should I spend in Cozumel?

    With a toddler, plan on spending 3-5 days in Cozumel to be able to see the highlights at a relaxed pace without overpacking your schedule. Cozumel’s small size allows you to experience a great variety of activities in under a week.

    Do kids need car seats in Cozumel?

    Yes, child car seats are legally required for children under 5 in Cozumel. Rental car companies provide them upon request, or you can bring your own car seat. Use proper car seats, buckled correctly, to safely transport toddlers.

    Is Cancun better than Cozumel?

    For families with toddlers, Cozumel is often better than Cancun. Cozumel has more contained family resorts, kid-friendly beaches and restaurants, and easier logistics. Cancun is busier with more nightlife. Cozumel’s laid-back vibe suits most toddler travelers.

    What is the youngest age without car seat?

    In Cozumel, children must be properly secured in car seats until age 5. After age 5, kids can graduate to using the vehicle’s seat belts instead of car seats. Always follow local car seat regulations based on age and weight.

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