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At Travelohlic Travel Blog, we are a team of travel enthusiasts who have a passion for exploring the world and discovering new destinations. Our mission is to provide the most comprehensive and informative travel guides to help you plan your next adventure.

It all started when our founder, Shavvy, took a gap year after college to travel the world. He had always been fascinated by different cultures, foods, and landscapes, but it wasn’t until he embarked on his journey that he truly fell in love with travel. Shavvy visited over 20 countries, stayed in unique accommodations, and met amazing people along the way. It was on a small island in Thailand where he met a local fisherman who showed him the best seafood spot on the island. This experience sparked a realization in Shavvy – travel can provide opportunities to make memories and connect with people in ways that are truly special.

Inspired by his travels, Shavvy decided to create a platform where travelers can share their experiences and get inspiration for their next trip. And thus, Travelohlic was born.

We believe that travel has the power to broaden our perspectives, create lasting memories, and bring people together. Whether you’re planning your first trip or you’re a seasoned traveller, we’re here to help you every step of the way. From finding the best flights to recommending must-visit destinations, our goal is to make your travel planning as seamless, memorable, and enjoyable as possible.

So join us on this exciting journey, and let’s discover the world together!

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