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    When is the Best Time to Go to Maldives?

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    As a seasoned travel blogger who has explored the Maldives extensively, I’m often asked when is the best time to go to Maldives “The island paradise”. With its picture-perfect beaches, turquoise lagoons and overwater bungalows, the Maldives is a dream destination that appeals to travelers all year round. However, the weather does vary between seasons, so the ideal time to go depends on what you want to experience.

    In this comprehensive guide, I’ll share insider tips on the best time to go to the Maldives based on weather, crowds, costs and activities. Whether you’re planning a romantic honeymoon, family vacation or surf trip, use this advice to plan the perfect Maldives getaway.

    Best time to go to maldives

    Overview of Maldives’ Seasons

    The Maldives enjoys a tropical climate year-round, but experiences two distinct seasons:

    • Dry Season (December – April): Sunny, hot and dry weather with minimal rain. High season for tourism.
    • Wet Season (May – November): Increased humidity, rain and storms. Low season with cheaper rates and smaller crowds.

    Within these seasons, I’ve broken down the climate month-by-month so you can easily choose the best time for your ideal Maldives experience:

    When is the Best Time to go to Maldives in Dry Season


    • Hot and sunny days, minimal rain
    • High season crowds and rates
    • Great for swimming, snorkeling and diving
    • Peak holiday travel


    • Hot, dry weather continues
    • Large crowds as high season continues
    • Good for water activities
    • Chance of rain increases towards end of month


    • Hottest month of the year in Maldives
    • High season still in full swing
    • Marine life and underwater visibility excellent
    • Surfing conditions ideal


    • Temperatures cooling slightly, increased humidity
    • High season crowds and rates
    • Great conditions for water activities


    • Warm days and higher humidity
    • Crowds and prices dropping off
    • Occasional rain showers
    • Surfing season continues
    Best time to go to maldives

    When is the Best Time to go to Maldives in Wet Season


    • Transitioning into wet season
    • Lower costs and smaller crowds
    • Short downpours, chance of storms increases
    • Good for budget travelers


    • Official start of wet season
    • Low season rates and minimal crowds
    • Frequent rain showers and high humidity
    • Perfect for couples and honeymooners


    • Wettest month of the year
    • Very low hotel rates and crowds
    • Storms and rainfall most days
    • Limited diving and snorkeling


    • Rainy weather continues
    • Surf season begins on eastern atolls
    • Lowest hotel rates of the year


    • Humidity and rain persists
    • Great deals on resorts
    • Surfing picks up across Maldives


    • Rain gradually decreases
    • Warm weather continues
    • Quieter resorts and fewer tourists
    • Costs still low season rates


    • Mixed weather, occasional storms
    • Crowds and rates increasing slightly
    • Good time for budget travel

    When is the Best Time to Go to Maldives?

    Best Time Overall: December to April

    December through April is considered peak season in the Maldives, and for good reason – this is absolutely the best time to visit! You’ll experience hot, sunny days with minimal rain, allowing you to take full advantage of the Maldives’ world-class beaches, snorkeling and diving.

    The dry weather brings excellent underwater visibility, so marine life is abundant. Sea conditions are also calmer, making this ideal for swimming, fishing and other water activities.

    While hotel rates are at their highest during this window, you’ll be rewarded with a quintessential Maldives vacation featuring postcard-worthy sunsets and plenty of time to relax in your overwater bungalow. Avoid the busy Christmas-New Year’s rush if you can.

    What is the Best Time to Go to Maldives for a Budget Travel: May to July

    Maldives for a Budget Travel

    If you’re looking for lower hotel rates and smaller crowds, visit during the wet season from May to July. As a budget-minded travel blogger, I’ve taken several trips during these months and still had an amazing time despite a bit more rainfall.

    Resorts offer huge discounts of 40-50% or more compared to high season rates. You’ll get restaurants, beaches and other facilities largely to yourself too. If you can deal with a few stormy days, you’ll be rewarded with an affordable and tranquil Maldives escape. Aim for May or November for the best mix of low rates and decent weather.

    What is the Best Time to Go to Maldives for Honeymoons: February & March

    February and March are prime months for honeymooning in the Maldives. The weather is dry and hot, so you can soak up the romantic ambiance in your overwater villa and not have rain dampen any outdoor dinners for two.

    Underwater visibility is excellent for snorkeling excursions to see coral reefs and marine life, and surf conditions are ideal too. Resort rates are still high season prices, but I assure you it’s worth it for the memories you’ll create. Any honeymooners or couples should consider this window for a truly magical Maldives vacation.

    Maldives for Honeymoon

    What is the Best Time to Go to Maldives for a Family Travel: December & April

    Families looking to travel during school holidays will find December and April ideal times to visit the Maldives. The weather is dry and sunny for enjoying the beaches, pools and other resort facilities. Ocean conditions are also calm and clear – perfect for kids learning to snorkel or swim.

    December is peak season so resorts will be crowded and pricier. I recommend looking at early or late April if you want to avoid the holiday rush. The weather is still dry but with slightly cooler temperatures and fewer people. A Maldives trip during this shoulder season allows families to relax and save.

    What is the Best Time to Go to Maldives for Surfing: February to September

    From February through September, surfers flock to the Maldives to ride breaks along the outer atolls. These are considered the best months for surfing due to ideal wind and wave conditions, as well as warm water temperatures.

    Maldives Surfing

    February to April brings larger swells to the eastern atolls, while the south and west coasts pick up from May onwards. The best surf spots include Pasta Point, Honkeys, Coke’s and Sultans – you can spend months exploring breaks across the archipelago! Arrange liveaboards or charter boats for access.

    Best Time for Diving & Snorkeling: January to April

    For exploring under the sea, the calm, sunny weather from January to April provides the best conditions for scuba diving and snorkeling. Air and water temperatures are warm and comfortable. Equally important, visibility underwater can exceed 30-40 meters due to minimal runoff – allowing you to spot manta rays, sea turtles and whalesharks.

    The increase in marine life like hammerhead sharks during this period is also a major draw. I recommend diving in Ari Atoll and Baa Atoll where protected coral reefs flourish. Prepare to be amazed by the Maldives’ spectacular underwater universe!

    Tips for Traveling During Rainy Season in Maldives

    While wet season travel does have its advantages, like lower costs and fewer tourists, you’ll also face hot and humid weather with occasional downpours. Here are my top tips for making the most of the Maldives during rainy season:

    Maldives Rainy Season
    • Book a residence with spa access – When it’s raining out, you can pamper yourself with relaxing massages and treatments. Most luxury hotels have beautifully appointed spas and wellness centers.
    • Have rain jackets and umbrellas ready – Be prepared with light raincoats and compact umbrellas so you can still enjoy walks on the beach or between resort facilities.
    • Choose an all-inclusive resort – Opt for an all-inclusive hotel where food and activities are covered in your room rate. This allows you to stay busy without worrying about additional costs.
    • Inquire about weather guarantees – Some hotels allow you to reschedule or get refunds if it rains for a certain percentage of your stay. Look for these policies when booking.
    • Consider a liveaboard – Sailing between dive sites means you can follow the sunny weather and still enjoy lots of water activities. Liveaboards are a great option in wetter months.
    • Prepare indoor activities – Bring books, games, movies and other entertainment so you’ll have downtime activities when the weather forces you indoors.

    How Many Days Do You Need in Maldives?

    First-time visitors often wonder how much time they should spend in the Maldives. Here are my recommendations:

    • 3-4 days – The minimum for a short getaway to relax and enjoy world-class beaches, snorkeling and dining.
    • 5-7 days – Allows you to settle in and partake in more activities without rushed sightseeing.
    • 10-14 days – Ideal trip length to combine lazy days on the beach with diving, surfing, spa treatments and excursions.
    • 2+ weeks – Gives you time to explore multiple islands via ferry or seaplane. Stay at different hotels and try new activities.

    Personally, I’d allocate at least 7 days to immerse yourself in the Maldives’ beauty without being pressed for time. For a comprehensive tour mixing relaxation and adventure, plan on 10-14 days if possible.

    Are Maldives Expensive? Tips for Saving Money

    The Maldives earns a reputation as an expensive destination, and it’s true – luxury resorts here cost upwards of $500-1000+ per night. However, you can still visit on a budget if you follow these money-saving tips:

    Are Maldives Expensive
    • Visit during low season (May to July) when hotel rates can be 40-50% cheaper.
    • Opt for guesthouses instead of resorts which have far lower nightly rates.
    • Book all-inclusive hotels where food, drinks and some activities are included.
    • Fly into Male airport at night to save on your first day’s accommodation.
    • Take public ferries instead of speedboats for transfers.
    • Book excursions and diving packages well in advance for discounts.
    • Eat at local restaurants instead of pricey hotel venues.
    • Don’t visit too many islands – transfers get very expensive.

    With smart planning using these budget tips, travelling to the Maldives can be more affordable than you might expect!

    Maldives Travel FAQs

    Is it worth going to Maldives in July?

    July falls during the Maldives’ wet season with frequent rain and choppy seas. However, it’s an ideal budget travel month with very low hotel rates, so if you don’t mind rainy days it can definitely be worth visiting. The resorts are also much quieter and more private.

    Is it cold in Maldives in July?

    No, July is one of the warmest months in the Maldives with average highs of 30°C / 86°F. Occasional rain can make it feel cooler, but temperatures never drop into cold ranges even during wet season. Pack light, breathable clothing.

    Which is cheaper – Dubai or Maldives?

    Overall, the Maldives is a more expensive destination for accommodation and dining due to its remoteness and resort model. However, you can find cheaper options in the Maldives compared to luxury Dubai hotels. Flights are usually cheaper to Dubai as well.

    Is Bali cheaper than Maldives?

    Yes, Bali is generally a more budget-friendly destination than the Maldives, especially regarding accommodation. Hotels, villas and private pools in Bali cost much less than equivalent Maldives resorts. Bali also offers cheaper local dining and excursion options.

    Which Maldives island has the best house reef?

    Some of my favorite house reefs are at Hurawalhi Island, Conrad Maldives, One & Only Reethi Rah, Anantara Kihavah Villas, Four Seasons at Kuda Huraa, Ozen Reserve Bolifushi and Niyama Private Islands. Their protected lagoons and coral shelves allow for world-class snorkeling right off the beach!

    And there you have it – everything you need to know to plan your ideal Maldives getaway based on weather, budget, activities and interests. Let me know if you have any other questions! I hope my guide helps you experience this exotic island paradise to the fullest. Happy travels!


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